PRFC: Values

Our Values

As a club, we hold a set of core values dear to our hearts. They are the underlying principles that guide what we do. Based on discussion within the club we have written these core values down and publish them here. For a downloadable PDF poster of these values, please click here.


Respect underpins our sport and we hold the rugby values and members of the rugby family in high regard. This extends to our teammates, opponents, match officials and coaches in addition to all those that manage, volunteer and support our club.


We actively encourage participation in the sport and value all contributions to the ongoing success of our club through other means. We recognise that everyone should have the opportunity to make a positive impact, regardless of role or ability. On the pitch, we acknowledge that the best way to develop our inexperienced players is to allow them to train and play alongside those with experience.


Teamwork is the ability to work jointly toward common goals. Working as a team enriches our club and we understand that our goals are achieved through the efforts of individual members working together. We recognise that every member of our club is a valued part of our team and contributes to our success.


We gain enjoyment through belonging to our club. We want to make our club an enjoyable place to be and recognise that having fun is why we want to belong.


Our achievements are frequent and come in many forms. We celebrate our success together as a club, both on and off the field.

We will speak out if our values are threatened by inappropriate words or actions.


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