Child Protection Policy Statement

Penicuik Rugby Club, its officers and Coaches, recognise the personal dignity and rights of children, towards whom we have a special responsibility and a duty of care. As a Club and as individuals, we undertake to do all in our power to provide children and young people with safety and protection from harm while they are in our care. If we have reason to suspect that abuse has been perpetrated, we undertake to report our concerns to the appropriate authority.

The full Club Child Protection Policy can be downloaded here.

Coaches should make themselves aware of the specific Code of Conduct relating to the safeguarding of children.

All concerns should be reported to the Club's Youth Convenor in the first instance. The club has defined a clear procedure that should be followed should concerns be raised and there is also a significant incident form to assist with this. If the concerns relate to the conduct of the Youth Convenor or there are other reasons why you would not wish to discuss the concerns with that individual, concerns should be taken immediately to the Scottish Rugby Union who will handle the case appropriately and confidentially. Contact details for the relevant persons are listed in the Child Protection Policy.


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