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Junior Training - 1st October 2014

On Wednesday night, the club is playing host to the local Rotarians and a group of their guests who are visiting from France. The main bar area will be in use for that function and members of the Rotary club will require access to it from around 6:30 pm. Consequently, we will not be able to use the room ourselves and will need to work around our visitors as best we can.

As a result - for this week only - there will be NO post-training juice (boo!!) and NO after-training parents’ meeting. The Star of the Week winners will be announced by email, as will the “parish notices” regarding training and other upcoming events.

Signing-in sheets will be placed on the table in the foyer, rather than in the main hall. As ever, please make sure that you sign your children in when you (and they) arrive.

And although I recognise the probable futility of asking this, can you please speak to your kids to encourage them to be as quiet and calm as possible when in the changing rooms, corridors and toilet so as not to disrupt the party :o)

We should be back to whatever passes for normal by next week.

... The Eggshell
90th Anniversary Ceilidh - 4th October 2014

As many of you will be aware the club has reached the ripe old age of 90 this year. Following the anniversary dinner earlier in May, a club ceilidh has been organised for Saturday the 4th of October at Shottstown Miners 7pm till midnight to celebrate this important event in our history.

Building on the success of the recent Mexican night, the ceilidh is open to all club members young and old as well as family and friends.

Tickets are £5 each which includes entertainment for the night and as much stovies as you can eat. These are now available from committee members or send us a message on email or Facebook.

Look forward to seeing you all on the night


... The Management
S1/S2 vs Forrester - 5th October 2014

Forrester have contacted us to say that the S1/S2 game scheduled for next Sunday 5th October will now kick off at 11:30 am at Forrester. Players need to be at Forrester for 11:00 am.

For info, Forrester Rugby Club can be found on Google Maps here. The post code is EH12 9FR.

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Tournament Thanks - 28th September 2014

A big thanks to everyone who made the Minis' Festival such a great day. Even the weather gods were good to us this year!

Particular thanks to Deborah McDonald and Karen Cartwright for marshalling the catering corps, and to the assorted kids and parents who pitched up to make over 400 lunch packs on Saturday night. Big thanks also to Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Teviot Creative, Uniq DIY Marketing, Three Collective and Dobbies for their contributions and to all those individuals who provided home-baking and/or tombola prizes.

I’d also like to thank the S1/S2s who helped out on the day and Alan Rice who excelled with organising the visitors and the fixture list and then put in a full day’s shift refereeing one of the P6 pitches. Thanks also to Graeme Brown for refereeing the P7 pitch with his usual panache.

None of the day would have been possible without those volunteers going over and above the call of duty and everyone should be justifiably proud of what we achieved, which was to give nearly 400 kids the opportunity to enjoy themselves playing rugby.

... The Eggshell
International Tickets

Details of the prices for the tickets for two of the three 2014 Autumn Tests (Argentina, New Zealand) and for the home games in the 2015 6 Nations (Wales, Italy, Ireland) as well as the details of Autumn Test Passes and the Season Passes have been posted here.

Please note that the Autumn Test against Tonga seems to be in a state of limbo. I have no details of location or price. It is also NOT part of either of the Season Pass packages. I expect the lack of information means that it will be played somewhere other than Murrayfield. As soon as I get details of prices for that game, I will put them up.

Similarly, I have no details yet for the away games for the 6 Nations. Again, they will appear in due course.

If you would like to place orders for tickets, please go to the relevant page on the website, select the number of tickets that you want in each category. The form will calculate the total amount due. Please print that form out and hand it to me WITH PAYMENT by the date specified. Details are listed in the forms themselves.

For information, the club receives varying amounts of commission on each ticket sold through the club for home international matches. This varies from game to game and season to season. For this season, 5% of the ticket price for Wales and Ireland 6 Nations games, 15% of the ticket price for the Italy game and 25% of the price for tickets for the Argentina and New Zealand games will go to the club. For the season pass tickets, 15% of the Full Season Pass ticket and 25% of the Autumn Test Pass tickets comes to the club. This is a significant source of income for the club and we urge you to buy all your international tickets for family and friends through this service.

A note on Handling Fees
We also charge a small handling fee on each ticket (2% of face value - max £3/ min 50p). This is considerably less than the fee that you would have to pay if you ordered the tickets yourself with the SRU online system (currently charging £2.40 per ticket or £4.20 per ticket for the Season Passes). It is also the only source of (small) profit for the club on tickets for away games. It has been pointed out to me that no such fee is charged if you were to pitch up at the SRU Ticket Office and buy the tickets yourself. This is indeed true, but the cost to you in petrol would more than outweigh any savings that you thought you were making. The club also would not receive any commission if you were to adopt that route. Any money remaining from the handling fees after the cost of processing payments through the club bank account has been deducted goes directly to supporting the club’s work.

Tickets for the Scotland vs England Game 2016
Its a long way off, but our club ticket allocation for the 2016 England game will probably be based on our 2015 ticket uptake. Priority for 2016 England tickets will be given to those who buy tickets this season should this be the case. Tickets will be in short supply for that game.

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Training times

Training times for each of the club's teams can be found here.

S1/S2 vs Forrester - 21st September 2014

On Sunday, the newly formed S1/S2 squad got together to play against Forrester’s team. This was a big moment as the squad hadn’t played any competitive matches on a full pitch yet, there were some nervous coaches around!! As it turned out, they did us proud, they got stuck in and showed great understanding for many of the changes at this age group (beyond a full sized pitch). More than once the phrase 'there’s some good rugby being played' was heard. 

Due to Forrester's limited numbers we agreed to mix the two teams together and play 12-a-side. This meant no subs and a good test for the overall fitness. We have been working on fitness and it certainly has paid off. There were 3 games played and each was a close affair:

Game 1: Blues 3 tries and 3 con V Greens 1 try

Game 2: Blues 2 tries and 1 con V Greens 1 try

Game 3: Blues 2 tries and 1 con V Greens 1 try and 1 con

All of the games were competitive and exciting to watch. Both combined teams put in a great effort from start to finish. It really needs to be remembered they were playing without subs! Good flowing play using the full width of the pitch was matched with crunching tackles, both teams need to work on passing the ball out more but that will come, it’s early days. Sam J. did very well with the boot and Sam B. scored his first competitive try! Way to go Sam B, it was worth the wait. Jake and Danny were joining us for the first time and played like they’ve always been with us, looking forward to Danny’s next hair style after the half time chat! What did stand out in all of the games was a great team effort, no over reliance on one player and everyone looked hungry to be involved!

Well done everyone!


More... James Reilly
Bar Rota
Your host for this weekend is Alun Semple. Click here for the the full rota.

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