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U18 Currie/Penicuik Match Report - 22nd September 2018

The U18s playing with Currie recorded their 3rd successive win this time beating Dunfermline 33-28.

It was a titanic struggle with the boys playing some fast open rugby to scoring two tries to take a 12 - 0 lead. But Dunfermline came back strong, pulling back the deficit and forging a lead of their own which grew in the second half to 28-12.

Heads went down a bit during that period but then they knew they could play better and they fought back pushing and pushing and the scores came. The winning score came with 5 minutes left of the game, and the team held out for the victory.

... Alasdair
Tickets for Six Nations games

Now that the Autumn Test ticket order is finalised, we're in a position to accept orders for the 2019 Six Nations home games.

The process is the same as was in operation for the Autumn Test tickets and is as follows:
The first thing that you will need to do (if you have not already previously done so) is register yourself with the SRU Ticketing system. Please head to https://www.eticketing.co.uk/scottishrugby/?advcode=Penicuik and click on the 'Register' link at the top right. Fill in all the details and confirm your registration.
If you have previously registered with the SRU Ticketing system then please head to the same link and 'Sign in' rather than registering.
Once you are logged in, please take note of your unique account number which you can find in the pop-up window that appears when you click on 'My Account' at the top-right of the screen. It should be displayed in brackets after your name.
Now, please download "Application Form A" from https://www.penicuikrugby.org/downloads/tickets/six-nations-2019.pdf. Fill it in - remembering to include your unique account number in the relevant slot - and pass it to Andy Law along with payment as per usual.
The deadline for receipt of ticket applications (and payment) is Friday 19th October.
Hopefully, everything after that will be plain sailing. If there are any problems, please let us know and we'll endeavour to get them sorted.
Please note that you can buy tickets directly from the SRU via the Ticketing system that they now require you to register with. However, if you do so, you will be charged additional handling fees, you will not be guaranteed your tickets and you will deprive the club of the commission that represents a significant chunk of annual income and which goes to keeping our subs and other costs down. If you do want to go to any of these games, please make sure that you submit the orders through the club.
... The Eggshell
Match Report - 2xv V Lismore / Portob - 22nd September 2018

The bad news before kick-off was that Moreport could not field a front row and only had 13 players. We therefore had a choice. Take the 5 points and have an afternoon off, or go down and get a game of rugby under our belts. The latter was chosen and the trip to Cavalry Park was still on. Fellowship and an afternoon of enjoyable rugby with a good bunch of fellas.

Manny spoke with Barry and Brian of Moreport and asked what we could do to help. The needed a couple of players which we obliged by giving them big Skirv and Peter Watt. They pulled a couple more from their bar and it was suddenly a friendly with 17 players on each side was on the cards.

Penicuik kicked off and immediately put our hosts under pressure. Great carries by Fell and Moffat and clinical recycling by the forwards gave our backs room to move. Moreport fought back and through their number 12 kept in the game. Skipper McCaig then made a break following a patient build up and ran in score number one from the 10 meter line. Spankles missed the kick 5 – 0.

More pressure from our hosts was met with great defence. Moreport looked like they were about to score when Borthwick conjured the ball from them, passed to Hope, who popped to McManus for a timely clearance. More pressure followed with winger Findlay taking a bang to a head. Mann came on at full back and the fun began. Penicuik in full attack mode is great to watch but to play in even better. Aitken carried the ball into contact, the forwards recycled 3 times before some smooth handling from the backs set up a ruck. From the back of the ruck the hard carrying Fell crashed over. 10 – 0 to Penicuik. Spankles converted 12 – 0.

McCaig then survived almost being decapitated by Skirving to win a penalty. A scrum was opted for and the attack recommence. Goodall and Conner carried the ball into contact and it was recycled well. The backs set off again and McFarlane carried well from the breakdown with Wolfie in support. The sparkling Beattie turned over the ball for the 7th time and popped to Moffat who cut a dashing angle up the park. The ball finally reached Fell who once more charged over the white line for try number 2. 17 – 0 to Penicuik

The second half ended with a very dubious Moreport penalty with Prop Findlay being unfairly penalised. Half Time – 17 – 3.

Moreport kicked off and Penicuik attacking into the wind got back to work. Will McManus replaced Moffat and carried the ball well. 20 minutes after the break Wolfie carried the ball and broke the defence for a well-made try. Spankles converted 24 – 3 to Penicuik.

A late rally by Moreport was repelled and the ref blew for full time.

Big respect to Skirving and Watt who played for the opposition and made the game happen.

The Moreport lads proved very solid opposition and gave us a cracking game and afternoon.

FULL TIME 24 – 3

Man of the match Wolfenden

... Manny
Training times

Training times for each of the club's teams can be found here.

200 Club Draw - September 2018
The winners of the 200 Club Draw for September were:
  1. S.McManus (No. 13 - £76.25)
  2. R.Moffat (No. 8 - £30.50)
  3. S.Cunningham (No. 58 - £15.25)

If you would like to take part in the Draw, the profits from which help to keep the club afloat, please speak to Andrew Mitchell or Neil Beattie or email info@penicuikrugby.org

Bar Rota
Your hosts for this weekend are Team 5 - Tom Winnington, Dan Mackintosh, Matias Jamie Garcia, Alastair McCormick. Click here for the the full rota.

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