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Penicuik on Parade - 30th May 2015

We will have our usual float in the Hunter and Lass Parade on Saturday. All club members are welcome to join in. It would be great to see some more of the senior players represented. The more, the merrier as far as I’m concerned.

Alex will pick the tractor and trailer up for us in the morning and will arrive at the club for around 9:15 am. Bodies willing and able to help get the float set up and decorated (assuming that the Bunting and Balloons actually arrive - the Post Office are cutting it enormously tight this year) should assemble for a 9:30 am start at the club please.

Once the float is decorated, it will head off to the rallying point which is on the service road at the back of Beatsons. All participants should meet there at around 12:15 pm. The Parade will move off sometime between 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm and will head through Penicuik ending up in Wilson Street. Kids can then be collected from Wilson Street/Jackson Street.

Face paints, playing strips and water pistols are the order of the day. We will supply playing strips for those that do not have one.

I will emphasise again that there are to be NO Water Bombs brought or used whilst on/near the float or whilst wearing club colours. And yes, I DO mean that.

Here’s to some fine weather and a good turnout. And if you’ve got a couple of hundred large red/blue balloons that you could spare then please bring them down on Saturday morning in case the ones that I’ve ordered don’t materialise.

... The Eggshell
Club AGM - 24th June 2015

Notice is hereby given that the Club Annual General Meeting will be held in the club house on Wednesday 24th June commencing at 7:30 pm. Further details of the meeting will be posted on the club website (www.penicuikrugby.org) as and then they become available.

In order to reduce costs, can we ask Full Members who do not require written confirmation of these details to email membership@penicuikrugby.org to let us know.

Nominations for Executive committee positions may be posted on the club noticeboard or sent via email to secretary@penicuikrugby.org

Bar rota - Penicuik on Parade - 30th May 2015

On Saturday 30th May, Penicuik will be holding its annual Gala Day. The club will be actively involved in this and we'll be entering a float again as we have done for many years now.

This is one of the busiest days in the club’s annual calendar and we are asking for all our bar trained members where possible, to volunteer an hour or two to ensure that the day goes smoothly.

Similar to the successful system that was run for our Sevens tournament, a rota has been created and we would be very grateful if bar trained members could volunteer their services throughout the day.

Additionally, we will be looking for volunteers to run “front of bar” activity too which will involve collecting glasses etc – NB no bar training is required for this!

As with the Sevens tournament, having a good number of volunteers throughout the day ensures that nobody has to do too long a stint and as those of you that have done it before know, the hour or two flies by and it is good fun!

Please can those bar trained members that are willing and able to commit an hour or two reply to members-bar-rota@penicuikrugby.org stating your availability. If you are bar trained but can’t attend, please also reply to this address to let us know.

... Richard Moffat
Club Awards Day - 6th June 2015

The Annual Club Awards Day (and Fun Day) will be held on 6th June this year, at the Club House in the Public Park.

The fun and games will start at about 2:00 pm, with the formal activities concluded by around 4:00 pm.

This is a fun day for the whole club with games and races for everyone to join in with, followed by the handing out of awards for the most improved players at all ages in the club. There are usually other more light-hearted awards dished out too.

If you have a nomination for an award that you would like to see given on the day, please send your suggestions to awards@penicuikrugby.org where they will be treated in the strictest confidence.

... The Eggshell
Training Times to end of season

As the season draws to a close, training times will be scaled back. There will be no training for Seniors after this Wednesday (13th May) until pre-season training starts (see separate article for details).

Until the end of May...

  • U16s will only train on Wednesday evenings starting at 7:00 pm.
  • U14s will also drop the Monday and Sunday training sessions and will only train on Wednesday evening, starting at 6:15 pm.
  • Hunters will contine with Wednesday training (at 6:15 pm) and have Tournaments on Sunday 17th and Sunday 24th.


... The Eggshell
Training times

Training times for each of the club's teams can be found here.

Bar Rota
Your host for this weekend is David Zavaroni. Click here for the the full rota.

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